the Cast... more or less.


by Sarah Ellison

CODENAME 9 part1.

Major Rio Cattarossi: redheaded terror of the speical interragation squad. was the middle child of 9 children, all boys. her father pretty much raised her as a boy. she's strong, fast, and has a violently unpredicatble temper, but only towards men, strangely. has a love/hate relationship with her colonel. she can cook very well and stays with the three female officers in a small house on the base. has a small, cute girl andoll. she is also one of members of the master serum project.
Colonel Valn Saltoxy: A blonde man with the attention span of a gnat. he actully feels quite protect of his troops and tries to take care of them as much as he can. he loves Rio, he served with her when they were in thier teens when the war started. but since Rio would rather try and damage him, he's sleeping with bourne. he was the youngest of three children of a very high class faimly and was sort of a dissappointment since he wanted to be in music rather then business. he earned a scholarship to a opera house and spent most of his childhood and teenage years there until being drafted into the army at 16. he is also a member of the master serum project, and they can't tell if he's a failure or a sucess.
Sergeant Bourne Maltavo: a cousin of Rio, he's only 19 here. he joined the army at 16 and was almost done training as a speical Ops sniper when he was caught in a terroristic bombing at 18. he lost his leg and gained considerable scarring on half of his body. he was then transfered to the base to work as Valn's assistant. he's not very content with the job and doesn't seem very happy to be Valn's Lover. (who knows, maybe he actully enjoys it secretly) currently he is dating Bella Demarco, the archivist.
Captain Bella Demarco: a non-combatant officer, she's quiet and shy and enjoys her job being the queen bee of her library. she's actully quiet sneaky under the shyness. she adores Bourne and Valn and Rio, and she has a secret vice of writing slash involving her boyfriend and the colonel. she has a large scale andoll assistant. she has an older half brother that went MIA 6 years ago, and she sort of hopes she can find out what happened to him through her position.
Zelly: zelly is zelly. she's the engineer/mechanic of the base, she fixes things and builds things and no one really wants to know what she's doing in the garage. DON'T drink the hooch she and her assisants brew.

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